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Sumware in NJ

A computer career combining over 20 years of college teaching with 30 years of industry experience. Demonstrated innovative and dynamic teaching methods. Proven experience in computer application construction and the management of information systems development.
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1982 to Present Maureen Greenbaum has been a Professor of Computer Information Systems at Union County College Cranford, NJ since 1983Associate Professor
Business/Computer Science
Union County College
Cranford, NJ
Teach all courses in computer curriculum. Specialize in the introductory course of computer literacy, applying my special ability to effectively communicate computer concepts to total novices and excite them to learn more about computers. Constantly update courses and propose curriculum changes to incorporate new concepts and information gathered from computer periodicals and personal experience doing computer consulting.
2000 Created and teach an online (Distance Learning) course, Database Design and Management using FrontPage and WebCT
1995-present Created and taught Data Base and Data Communications/Networking courses
1997-present  Teach the Internet to fellow faculty as part of the Faculty Profession Development effort.
1983 Created Microcomputer Applications course, which teaches computer literacy, how to use the computer effectively via word processing, spreadsheet and data base rather than how to program it. This is the computer course required by most majors and taken by most UCC students.
1983 - Present Established and developed the curricula (with over 20 courses) for the PC Instruction Focus of the Continuing Education Division. Taught data base, spreadsheet and advanced word processing hands-on training sessions for adult students from industry.
1982 to Present Owner of
Watchung, NJ
Started and run a computer consulting firm that specializes in microcomputer database systems. Developed operational, accounting and decision support systems in dBase (Clipper, FoxPro/base), Paradox and R:Base for banks, hotels, insurance, education. Utilize my teaching, management and computer skills to assist large (Fortune 500) and small clients better utilize the computer. Have designed Web sites for business (PCM, Susan Winebrenner (Education Consultant)   Sea Crest Resort) and non-profits (Watchung Arts Center, Ziv Tzedakah, NJ Association for Gifted Children, Watchung Hills Soccer Association).
1995-1996 Founder and Director
Plainfield Community Computer Center
Plainfield, NJ
During a one year sabbatical from Union County College, designed and ran a prototype Multimedia Computer Lab offering regular "Edutainment" software experiences to inner city youngsters (ages 4 to 18) and the Plainfield Girl's Choir. Based on its success, established a permanent center for use by preschoolers during the school year (over 70) and children during the summer (over 100).
1977 - 1982 Project Manager
Exxon Corporation
Florham Park, NJ

Project Leader of Marine Support Group responsible for putting the first microcomputers aboard vessels. Project Leader of Tax Support Group, which developed system for filing Exxon Corporation US Income Tax. Development used PL/I and IMS.

Internal Data Base consultant determining mainframe data base and application development standards. Investigated state-of-the-art methodologies such as QBE, SQL, ADF etc. Built a prototype relational data base using PL/I. Designed and regularly taught 40 hour in-house logical and physical computer data base design courses.
1977 - 1981 Lecturer
Graduate School of Business
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Madison NJ
Taught the Management Information Systems course in the MBA program.
1971 -1977 Operations Manager
Livingston NJ
Key member of small team that assembled the Construction Group Computer Center. This was one of the first computer centers to operate totally via telecommunications. Managed this center with 7 operators who operated a 370/155 running RJE and IMS applications. Assisted users to create and modify COBOL/IMS programs to use resources most efficiently. Taught courses in JCL, COBOL and telecommunication techniques to internal clients. Assisted with Operating System (MVS/ASP) maintenance.
1969-1971 Programmer/Analyst
State Street Bank
Boston, MA
1968-1969 Programmer/Analyst
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Mass
Boston, MA
1967-1968 Programmer/Consultant
ACT Computer Systems
New York City, NY
Summer 1966 Programmer Trainee
International Paper Company
New York City, NY

Spring 1996 Graduate course in College Teaching
Seton Hall
South Orange, NJ
Fall 1995 Graduate course in Curriculum, Teaching and Evaluation for K-9 Kean College,
Union, NJ
1981 Began Ph.D. in Management Program
Rutgers, Newark, NJ
1976 MBA in Management - 4.0 out of 4.0 average Fairleigh Dickinson University,
Madison, NJ


Bachelors of Applied Science in Computer Science
Summa Cum Laude

Awarded Distinguished Alumna for Service to the Profession

Boston UniversityBU Home Page
Metropolitan College
Boston, MA


1965-1967 Undergraduate Cathedral of Learning at Univeristy of PittsburghUniversity of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

Articles on children and computers appearing in 1995 and 1996 issues of Morris County Family Magazine and Union County Family Magazine.

Current Computer Software Expertise:

Internet & WWW FrontPage and HTML Web design software
Netscape, Internet Explorer

Distance Learning WebCT and Effective Pedagogical Design Concepts 
Data Base Management Access, dBase, Clipper, FoxPro, Paradox, R:Base
Spreadsheet MS Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro, Javelin
Word Processing Word for Windows, Word Perfect, Word for DOS
Integrated Packages MS Works (Windows, DOS & Mac), PFS First Choice, Framework
Accounting Packages Real World, One-Write, others
Operating Systems Windows (3.1, 95, NT, 2000), Novell NetWare (3.11, 4.1), DOS
Desktop Publishing PageMaker
Programming Languages COBOL, PL/I, Fortran, IBM Assembler, dBase/FoxPro, Paradox

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