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Here is another fun thing to do: Send Postcard from sites such as

1001 Virual Postcards!!!1001 Postcards lets you select the music for 100 or so songs.  It also has some fun Microsoft parodies.  You also can send it at some date in the future and your message (which can be spell checked) scrolls which is in addition animation on some cards. logo1ac.gif (2943 bytes) Awesome Cyber Cards lets you e-mail or print their fun cards on that old stuff paper.
FREE Animated Electronic Greeting Cards or try @Postcard

E-Cards from Amazon

MailMeal -Something (recipes for those out there getting hungry while hacking in Cyberspace.
The Cardmaster has large selection of images and music.  And this one you can send the same card to up to 5 different people all on one screen.  You can send now or at some future date.   Their cards look very much like traditional paper cards. Shockwave is the ultimate in sound and movement cause it uses Shockwave.   So the receiver better have a pretty high-tech machine. South Park, Bizzarro and of course my favorite Dilbert. from Blue Mountain and some great Flash (be sure to check the Message in a Bottle cards!"

Cartoonist Group have 1000's of cartoons -  Very will organized by subject
Has the best selection with wonderful animation and great sound.  They now charge for most.  But it is fun to browse.
More fun at Virtual Insults which can send the same insult to several friends or enemies.  You are notified when your insult has been delivered.
Build-a-card Has Nice original Art, easy to use and can postpone sending.   123logo.gif (3454 bytes)123 Greeting has one of the largest selections of music to accompany your card and you can send same card to many folk.
VJ Home Virtual Jerusalem has all the Jewish stuff
 Chanukah, Pesach, Rosh Hashanah, Purim and General Israeli stuff.  Mazel Tov!
Amazon has a nice selection - you can send at a future date and send an Amazon gift certificate.
Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City E cards PostCard Online has lots of categories and you can cc folk but no music.