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from comics.com

More Editorial Cartoons
12 or so plus archives

PRO CartoonistsPolitical Cartoons and you can choose your topic.   I like Y2K best. USA Today gotta check it everyday

Washington Post has Nick Anderson (in English & Spanish)
and Nick Anderson editorial cartoons.

Michael Ramirez Editorial Cartoons from LA Times

Robert Ariail
Chuck Asay
Steve Benson
Robert Ariail
Chuck Asay
Steve Benson
Jim Berry
Randy Bish
Chip Bok
Bill Day
Jerry Holbert
Etta Hulme
Drew Litton
Mike Luckovich
Henry Payne
Rob Rogers
Bill Schorr
Mike Smith
Jeff Stahler
Ed Stein
Paul Szep
Gary Varvel
Jim Berry
Randy Bish
Chip Bok
Bill Day
Jerry Holbert
Etta Hulme
Drew Litton
Mike Luckovich
Henry Payne
Rob Rogers
Bill Schorr
Mike Smith
Jeff Stahler
Ed Stein
Paul Szep
Gary Varvel

Mark Fiore has animated (Flash) political cartoons and a great list of links to more.

are for sale..some great one from years past

Jewish World Review

Gary Brookins
David Cox
John Deering
Mallard Fillmore
Bob Gorrel
Joe Heller
Chris Hiers 
Jack Higgins
Cartoon Showcase 
Jeff Koterba
Mike Lukovich
Ranan R. Lurie
Michael Ramirez
Mike Shelton
Jeff Stahler
Wayne Stayskal
 Promised Land
Thadeus and Weez
Gary Varvel
"The Elements" by Tom Lehrer singing and flash animations

(I'm Spending) Hanukkah in Santa Monica (1.7 MB)

Links and midi of tunes from all Tom Lehrer Logo albums in one place

an About site
has funny stuff too

Only clean humor has funny jokes and funnier cartoons especially on computing. 

Cybercheeze has them nicely catalogued for you (so you can avoid or go directly to the dirty ones) and you can subscribe for a joke every day.
has them nicely catalogued for you (so you can avoid or go directly to the dirty ones)  Cybercheese will email a joke a day, there are also random jokes by type a huge archive and some cartoons.
Pun of the Day PunOfTheDay has a Great list sorted by rating or subject or get 'em daily via email Shaggy Dog Stories - over 100 of 'em!

Clean Jokes (on a ministry site)

Evolution of the man
Thousands of clean jokes, funny pictures, cartoons, funny audio, funny videos, and random humor. Search for humor by keyword, by topic, or even by date! Plus, sign up to get humor in your e-mail every week!

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Goofy Image Galley

Geek.com logo
Geek Cartoons back to Feb. 1999.  A Month's worth to a page

The Joy of Tech! ...your quick fix of comic fun!Joy of tech..
The joy of tech

Fast Guide to IT Humor

Computer songs and poems

Agnes, Andy Capp,
Archie,Ask Shagg, B.C.,
Ballard Street, Charlie,
Flight Deck, For Heaven's Sake
Heathcliff, Herb& Jamaal,
Liberty Meadows, Miss Peach, Momma
Natural Selection
One Big Happy, Other Coast
Rubes, Rugrats, Scribbles, Speed Bump
Strange Brew, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
 Wee Pals, Wizard of  Id 

Has strips, panels and editorial cartoons.

Games and Comics
fun page has links to a dozen comics, 8 political cartoonists and some games.

Ucomics has some of my favorites.  They will email one to you.  Or for $12 a year you can customize a daily comics page, view the archives and save your favorites. There is also Dear Abby and some puzzles.

Washington Post
Has a slew of 'em too

Off the Mark Has them in catgories Today's Comics From The Web
over 150 of them with links to where archieves are kept

King Features
 Grin and Bear It, Mutts,
Zits, Rhymes with OrangePop's Place, Six Chix, and many others not in my local paper.

Several (4) years of archives of Mother Goose and Grim and editorials.

The ComicStrip Link List

gives you a whole page of comics

Lots of Comics here too
Lots of Comics here too

Off The Mark has categories and search

Fun Pictures and poetry

Turn on the volume for "Do You Remember These?"

Mondo Mini Shows Rude

COMICS Seattle Post Intelligencer brings us comics and great GAMES

Jester was developed and is maintained by members of the Alpha Lab at UC Berkeley under the direction of Prof. Ken Goldberg.
The purpose is to experiment with a new technology known as Collaborative Filtering (a.k.a. Recommender Systems). It is a method for making personalized recommendations to the system user based on their likes and dislikes as indicated by their ratings of a set items and the ratings of others in the past. 

Satire Wire

Capital Steps Strange Breed's weekly cartoon

GotLaughs.com Humor Network

Funny Posters

lets you subscribe for a daily emailed joke or just browse through their archive.

Gadzillion -Currently Over   9,220   Questions
has over 9,000 things to think about.
The Jokes on You Toons on the Net
The Joke's on You

User Friendly strip by Iambe with 3 years of Indexed Archives and search


Jokes sorted by type Bond, kid, animal, lawyer light bulb ...you can post your favorite too....how much time do you have to waste??

How it Happened, by Isaac Asimov

Archive of Dave Barry columns
Archive of Dave Barry columns

The Non Sequitur Archives
go  back 7 years and are organized by topic! (used to be free.-.now he charges, oh well)
How do I describe Whoohoo?
You will just have to go there for a laugh, some inspiration or to send the same to a friend.  You'll sure be glad you did!
Doonesbury has a 30 year archive which is searchable before 1995(?)
Allan Sherman music and lyrics.


Smile-a-day has some outrageous stuff- almost slap-stick.

Capitol Steps
sing their jokes --- a hour of fun listening!
Home of Humor
comedy zone.net
has LOTS including a index of the web
Funny Pictures


Goofy Image Gallery

For Better or For Worse is one of my favorites and Lynn's site has some wonderful stuff like the story of Michael and Deannna Andrew Duchon's suggestions
National Lampoon
  Lee's Joke page has them in categories including G and PG rated and it is part of the HumorRing.

Jewish Haiku  Lori's Mishmash Jewish Humor

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