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FlamingText Flaming Text - Create great text Leo's Icon Archive: free icons and graphics
.ico's and GIFs Lots and lot
J.P. Berti's Free Clip Art has links to sites that are categorized as well as sites that are spotlighted so one you visit them, you'll want to save the URL in your favorite places.
preview Cool Clips ClipArt Gallery is well indexed. It has all sorts of graphics some animated, some not.
  GifsNow.comGifs Now has catalog which includes Mozilla

#1 Clip Art not only has well categorized art but it has an editor so you can modify your selection.
(but too many pop-ups)

has quite a few well catalogued (in  several languages) graphics.

IconBazaar has an interesting collection but you need to join for access to all of them

ClipAHOY! Clipart
DogHause has Animal quotes, proverbs, idioms, humor, superstitions, rules of thumb, fun facts, free graphics, sounds, fonts, and the most Animal clipart anywhere.

Animation Factory, Over 150,000 Animations! But you have to join to get them all.  Many great "free samples"

Cartoon Animation has lots of animated and great letters (and names)

[pothead-0003.gif] Art by Cheryle, some free, lots for $30 a year.
Free Clipart Archive
Free clip art archive claims
to have 2.6 million and they tell you the pixel and fie size.

Barry's has great drawings. Or try other professional cartoonists.

Sports and  Holiday Clip Art - Very fine quality
Roger's Animated GIF Collection lots of nicely indexed animated gifs and links to sources

Categorized Clip-Art and Icons lots of GIFs and well organized

The secret is a superlative index so one can find the clips! Try: Animated GIF Archive

I'm not big on this that point to lists but here are a few of my favorite lists!
The Free Site has a good list of Free graphics and lots of other free stuff. links to them all with some description and ratings gives the choice of small, medium or large.

COMPUTER GRAPHICS resources from Nerd World Media®
This has lots of links. Some free, some not.
Microsoft Office OnlineMicrosoft's Clip Art Gallery is unique because it downloads the clips directly into the Office Library that you access when you Use the Insert Picture ClipArt for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint..   It is indexed so such that you enter a key word and it displays clips that have that trait.   
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The Whole Internet Guide To Clip Art from Best-of-the-Web which offers all kinds of stuff.
Here is another fun thing to do: Send Postcards with Music, Graphics (many animated) and your personal message. Makes the Web very user friendly.

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