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Like Clip Art, there is sooooo much MIDI on the Web, that I decided to make this page to keep track of, and share with friends, the sites I've found useful.


free midi files robot  MusicRobot is a Powerful search Engine for Midis MIDI Highlights Lots and Lots of good MIDI. Has a plug-in the plays MIDI called Beatnik for download.
The Sounds Of Sanity has Alternative and Classic Rock and Pop and Rock and Classical. Hundreds of pieces.
It is One of the best sites. Organized by group and gives the size of each MIDI file.
The Midi Farm
has 4000+ MIDIs categorized by group and also type (and they tell you how big the file is)
The Daily Wav has MIDI too but lots of Wavs
The Daily Wav
has lots of WAV 
Patriotic Music from Marine Wives Nice selection of MIDIs with sizes
Nice selection of MIDIs with sizes
Graphic created by Bud Shott Midi haven has it Alphabetized by Artist and song and you can set it up to play random midi by a favorite composer or group.  As it say simple the best (but no file sizes) - Top 100 Midi-Sites
best 100 Midi-Sites in the whole World Wide Web.

Also Top 100 Sites: Tabs, Lyrics, Music, WAVs, MIDI, MP3, Metal, Covers

Pretty stuff here

Standard MIDI Files on the Net The Most Complete & Best-Maintained List of Sites with MIDI Files.

The Israeli-Jewish-Yiddish-Hebrew-Folk-Cultural Music Midi Free Library 

GoTo GoTo searches the web for midi sites with song

Glenn's 70's & 80's Rockin' MIDI Page - this a different Glenn with my kind of music and a excellent links page

The "How To and Beyond" site explains how to "correctly put sound onto your pages. Also and WebrefWebRef 

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