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Maureen Greenbaum who computes SUMWARE in NJ logo Mayo Clinic is excellent since it is very complete and will give you the info page by page or in a printable format.  It lets you browse Diseases & Conditions | Treatment Decisions | Drugs & Supplements | Healthy Living | Health Tools

 and well as provides a seach tool. 

MedlinePlus Trusted Health Information for You
Your federal government in action (or is that one word?  The National Institute of heath provides extensive info in English as well espaņol: on:

Health TopicsStart here with over 700 topics on conditions, diseases and wellness

Drug InformationAbout your prescription and over-the-counter  medicines

Medical EncyclopediaIncludes pictures and diagrams

DictionarySpellings and definitions of medical words

NewsHealth News from the past 30 days


DirectoriesFind doctors, dentists and hospitals

Other ResourcesLocal libraries, health organizations, international sites and more

Also some (165) interactive tutorials

Call NHS Direct 24 hours a day on 0845 46 47.  Visit NHS Direct Online at
The British view which links to Best Treatments. Clinical evidence for patients, from the BMJ and

Diseases and conditions Symptoms and signs Procedures and tests Medications MedTerms medical dictionary

Gut Feeling
- I like the name - info on pupik (belly) issues.

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