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BizRate rates the businesses tooBizRate rates the businesses too Shopzilla
Shopzilla has Customer Ratings
of over 50,000 Stores (updated daily)
My Simon show  rating of Merchants and let you submit reviews of the product
Yahoo sh41.gif (1863 bytes) goes shopping for you too. Price Grabber compares computer, software, music.  If tell Gomes rating and whether in stock as well as price and shipping.
PriceWatch has excellent prices for Computers and Electronic stuff   Shopping by CNET
CNET shops for computers too - The Largest Selection of Personal Checks on the is a special "shopbot" for ordering checks.  Last time I visited they had almost 400 selections from most of the discount check printers. sends you to sites that specialize in comparison shopping everything from airline tickets to insurance to web hosting
Big Big Savings has was to save and make money on the sure to go here to get coupon codes before you shop. tracks the lowest price for 2510 magazines from 24 online magazine merchants
Consumer Search
reviews the reviews and then links you to them.

Welcome to!Epinions has regular folk like you post their "epinions" 
Connects to Dealtime to comparison shop too!

Unsure if it is a good idea to by from some online vendor.  See how others rated 1000's of them and read (or post) a review at ResellerRatings.

About has 700 Reviews well categorized Consumer World
Consumer world
lists sites with lots of saving - T-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs and more!
- t-shirt with great sayings
Shop at Greater Good and Part of your purchase proce will go to the charity of your choice Shop at Greater Good and Part of your purchase price will go to the charity of your choice. is one of their stores.
II Give
has a unique idea.  Every time you visit an advertiser, money is contributed to the charity of your choice AND if your buy stuff, them a percentage also goes to the charity. is one of iGive's stores.
Shop Goodwill The best of all the Goodwill donations won't be at the stores any's here and you can do some good by shopping Goodwill first.

Price Compare or Search Online Bookstores by ISBN
Let the computer find the cheapest Price PriceFarmer lets you search for books, by Title, Author, ISBN and Keyword

books bookstores textbooksAllBookStores compares prices (including shipping at 30+ net e-tailers.  It shows NY Times best seller list and famous authors and ...

Best Book Buys - Find the lowest price on books. BestBookBuys is a shopping service for all books including TEXTBOOKs. 
Rating (and you can add your 2 cents) as well as the price and availability at 30+ online bookseller including Amazon, eCampus,

AddALL displays Price, Shipping, Tax, Processing & Shipping time estimates (& a short quote to educate you) .

Be sure to check for deals like $5 off for 1st time buyers on the home page.

Campusi Campus is another bot for  Movies  Music  Video Games  Sell Books  Rare Books

Amazon for books (both new and used-buy and sell), music, videos, electronics, toys, e-cards and the best auctions.

Barnes and Noble ( for books, music, software and magazines is a cool place to buy and SELL your books, movies, music and games!


  • EBay EBay UBid
    Yahoo Auctions 
    Yahoo Auctions
     Amazon is very good because it shows thumbnails in list.
    the Internet Auction List
    If not listed above it will be listed at the Internet Auction List.  It will search all auctions (except eBay) for what you want and set an alert to notify you via email that the item has come up for auction somewhere!



reviews them.

CreditCard Goodies lists all the web sites and a good comparison chart of the money back

Shop for a car by using
New cars, Used Cars, Prices and reviews at New cars, Used Cars, Prices and reviews at
edmunds.gif (1710 bytes) go to  MSN.comMicrosoft's shows new and Used, Prices and Review, Insurance and Financing too.  You can get a quote from a local dealer.

Check out the surround video gallery.  You can control the camera on the inside and the outside.  Truly neat.

Car Wizard has info on new, used, insurance, credit Visit manufacturer's web site(s) like Lincoln, Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Nissan...
If the URL is not obvious, find it via search engines.  Many have super cool effects.
Watches Watches, TAG Heuer Watches, Movado Watches, Omega Watches, and TechnoMarine Watches at WorldofWatches.comWorld of watches narrows choice to Ladies/Men, Manufacturer and Price, gives great pictures and complete descriptions...It's the best.
College Select a college by visiting several college sites or sites that review (and compare) the colleges.  Use several; different search engines to select sites to visit.

Check out the US News and World Reports 1999 comparison and other independent comparisons and review.

Vacation Plan a vacation.  Select a specific location and date.  Use search engines to find sites where you can get information of hotels, sightseeing available (or beaches or nightlife or..) and special events occurring when you intend to visit.  Find out the airfare and flight schedules.  I have had good luck with PreviewTravel and MSN Expedia.

The cheapest I've found is when you purchase academic prices (be sure to put academic in your search key when you reach the site.)
has some reviews as well as many specials.  Also check out the UCC bookstore, they are supposed to give you good student rates.

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